Romain Onteniente, DPM

Romain Onteniente, DPMDr. Romain Onteniente is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University where he graduated with honors receiving a Bachelor of science majoring in biology, with minors in chemistry and psychology in 3 years.

He briefly became a professional soccer player playing for the Tampa Bay Rowdies before returning to the pursue of his true calling and enrolling at Barry University.

He graduated with a doctorate in Podiatric Medicine in 2014 before joining the prestigious and rigorous forefoot and rear foot reconstruction residency program at Mercy hospital under the supervision of renown charcot reconstruction specialist Dr. Thomas Merrill and sport medicine specialist Dr James Losito. He graduated from the residency program as chief resident in June 2017.

During his time at Barry University he co-founded a nonprofit organization called Podiatry Overseas which goal was to send foot and ankle surgeons to remote areas of the world to help those in need.

He and his group have been traveling yearly since 2013 to regions of Africa, Brazil, Guyana and helped hundreds of patients suffering from congenital deformities, traumatic injuries, diabetic complications and others pathologies of the lower extremities.

Dr. Onteniente background is French, where he was born and raised before moving to America to attend Nova Southeastern University on a soccer scholarship.

Sports medicine, trauma and cosmetic procedures have always been at the core of his training, while adding congenital deformities and pediatric pathologies as well as wound care, diabetic complications and charcot reconstructions to his list.

He is certified in hyperbaric medicine and wound care.

Dr. Onteniente enjoys good food, boating, fishing, soccer in his spare time.

Dr. Onteniente’s CV


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