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Affiliated with Midwestern University
Affiliated with Midwestern University
Greetings from Merritt Island Foot and Ankle, Inc! Drs. Mark Beylin, DPM, Alexander F. San Diego, Jr., DPM, and Romain Onteniente, DPM welcome you to our podiatry practice and thank you for the opportunity to serve as your podiatrists in Brevard County, Florida. We have created this website to provide both new and existing patients with a means to research and educate themselves about various topics related to the foot and ankle problems we treat. If you would like more information about a specific foot condition and treatment options we offer, contact our Brevard County podiatrist offices today at and speak with someone from our friendly staff.

Throughout our website you can find a wealth of information about our foot and ankle clinics…including office hours, driving directions, doctor bios, and more. So, after you contact us to schedule your office visit take some time to browse and familiarize yourself with our practice.

As Brevard County Podiatrists, Drs. Beylin, San Diego, Jr., and Onteniente specialize in medical and surgical care of the foot and ankle. We accept most insurance plans and our Merritt Island and Melbourne office locations allow us to treat patients from all over Brevard County. Some common conditions we successfully treat everyday are bunions, heel pain, hammer toes, toenail fungus, achilles tendonitis, ankle injuries and ingrown nails.

We treat patients of all ages from small children to the elderly, and our goal is always to provide you with the most comfortable office experience possible. We also specialize in foot care for diabetics and offer custom foot orthotics.

If you are looking for an experienced foot doctor in Brevard County, FL, we invite you to call us today to schedule a consultation, or simply Request an Appointment Online.


We Have Moved!

Our Melbourne office is now at:

2955 Pineda Plaza Way, Suite 107
Melbourne, FL 32940